Tucson Pod
Costa Mesa Pod

The 5 Saturdays science, technology, engineering, agility, and math (STEAM) initiative is a JCWalk flagship program to introduce modern ways of working in under-estimated communities in the United States and beyond.

The program was established in 2013 with the primary focus to provide vocational ministry capabilities that include:

  • Coding – develop websites and Python programs.
  • Entrepreneurship – develop a business idea as a team.
  • Design Thinking – explore innovative ideas to support customer unmet needs.
  • Financial Acumen – learn the foundation of running a business.
  • Career (Job) Readiness – build a resume and interview skills.

Our 5 Saturdays Pods are unique expressions of people launching a new learning experience in their community.  Each pod is led and established by people living in their own community.  We provide the training, content, and at times funding to execute a 5 Saturdays pod in local communities.